Monday, 20 October 2014

Event International Golf Travel Market October 2014

Event International Golf Travel Market 2014

As summer transforms into fall, you'll discover a group of unique occasions in London. The climate in London gets to be cooler in October as summer transforms into fall. A highlight of this cooler season will rounded out brimming with Golf Travel Market.
  • Event Dating: 27  -  30 October 2014
  • Event Location: Villa Erba, Lake Como, Italy

The premier trade show within the Golf Tourism industry.


Uniting purchasers and suppliers from the golf head out industry to encourage business improvement and the development of the business all in all.

Company Overview

The International Golf Travel Market is the head occasion for the golf travel industry. In excess of 600 golf tourism suppliers join 350 qualified purchasers and 140 universal press for four days of rescheduled errands, organizing open doors and industry upgrades.


A peripatetic business to business trade show.

General Information

Participation as a purchaser obliges acknowledgement through a capability process. Installment is needed from non IAGTO parts.