Friday, 20 February 2015

Infographics - Global State of In-Flight Wifi Chances

The global state of wifi is looking good, according to a new report by

The current count of airlines offering in-flight wifi stands at 52, meaning that there is at least “some” chance of access to the service on at least a quarter of all flights globally.

Within the United States, that percentage jumps up to 66% for at least “some chance” of wifi . Delta is the winner domestically, offering the highest number of miles and flight miles with access to wifi.

Non-US airlines offer wifi on 15% of their international flights.

Routehappy CEO Robert Albert believes that wifi has become a must-have amenity that had led to an arms race among airlines:
    “Wifi is one of the most sought after, new amenities flyers want to access on their flights, and there has been significant investment by airlines since our last report.

    “Coverage is starting to be meaningful on flights worldwide, along with a wide variety of speeds, coverage availability, and pricing models, including free of charge.”

Here’s how Routehappy’s rankings work:
  • Some chance: up to a third has wifi
  • Good chance: One third to thirds have wifi
  • Very good chance: More than two thirds have wifi.

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